Ambition woke up, when trying to get a sparrow on film, with a 35mm Minolta P&S. Prints were so disapointing, no sparrow and the tomatoes so shiny in the sun through the viewfinder were hardly red. I was 12, there must be a way to get the sparrow, to get glowing tomatoes on the photo paper!

Digging out Dad’s Practica and B&W lab, Ilford and I got friends.

After school I got to know my next friends: Fuji Reala and EOS 50e. Three years of learning and working for and with Guido de Nardo as a professional photographer, finally awarded „Fotografengeselle“ by the „Handwerkskammer Duesseldorf„.

From here Photography is strictly uncommercial fun to me! Cause now I have a serious job…

Any ideas for serious fun photo projects welcome: calusp@gmx.de

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